Annual Course & AGM

"The group knows how to have fun too – the recent post-AGM dinner and evening entertainment, with attendance limited to F&I members only, was widely acclaimed as a very enjoyable evening for all!"

The Annual F&I Course Dinner at Addington

Annual Course & Dinner

The Annual Course is a highlight of the year for F & I members. The course runs over 2 days with the AGM and dinner taking place the first evening. Members have the opportunity to have dressage and/or jump training on their own horses from the 2 invited International trainers each year. Those who don't ride, can spectate or join a focus group with our experienced coaches.

For full details of the next annual course and an application form, please see the 'Events' page.

Minutes of the AGM 2013

By F and I Admin | 10 January 2013 |

Held on Wednesday 9th January 2013 at 7pm at  Addington Manor Equestrian Centre, Bucks 1  Opening welcome address by Jeremy Michaels FBHS – Acting Chairman. Those present: Jeremy Michaels (Acting Chairman), Judith Murphy (Treasurer), Dianne Roberts (Secretary), Mandy Luesley, Lizzel Winter, Catherine Cawdron (Committee). Islay Auty, Nicole Biggs, Ann Bostock, Biddy Brasted-Watts, Yogi Breisner, Sam…

Minutes of the AGM 2012

By F and I Admin | 11 January 2012 |

held on Wednesday 11th January 2012 at 7pm at Addington Manor Equestrian Centre, Bucks 1 Present:  Jo Winfield (Chairman), Judith Murphy (Treasurer), Dianne Roberts (Secretary), Ann Bostock, Mandy Luesley, Lizzel Winter (Committee); Bryony Wilson, Nicole Biggs, Maggie Doel, Biddy Brasted-Watts, Sam Champney-Warrener, Eric Smiley, Margie Craib, Alison Craig, Ernest Dillon, Cherry Elvin, Jennifer Ham, Nicki…

Minutes of the AGM 2011

By F and I Admin | 12 January 2011 |

held on Wednesday 12th January 2011 at 7pm, at Addington Equestrian Centre, Bucks Present: William Blane (Chairman), Alison Craig (Secretary), Ann Bostock, Andrew Fletcher, Sarah MacDonald, Mandy Luesley, Jo Winfield, Lizzel Winter, Sue Pimbley (all Committee); Muriel Ambler, Lynne Baldwin, Jo Batty–Smith, Carol Bennitt, Nicole Biggs, Biddy Brasted-Watts, Sam Champney-Warrener, Annette Christie, Kenneth Clawson, Helen…

Minutes of the AGM 2010

By F and I Admin | 23 February 2010 |

held on Tuesday 23rd February 2010 at 1330 at Hartpury Equine Therapy Centre, Glos 1.  Present: William Blane (Chairman), Alison Craig (Secretary), Judith Murphy (Treasurer and Membership), Ann Bostock, Mandy Luesley (all Committee); Jo Batty-Smith; Steve Banks, Carol Bennitt, Jonathan Chapman, Annette Christie, Margie Craib, Sarah Dale, Lisa Fairclough, Jennifer Ham, Caro Haynes, Nicki Herbert,…