Minutes of the AGM 2011

held on Wednesday 12th January 2011 at 7pm,
at Addington Equestrian Centre, Bucks
William Blane (Chairman), Alison Craig (Secretary), Ann Bostock, Andrew Fletcher, Sarah MacDonald, Mandy Luesley, Jo Winfield, Lizzel Winter, Sue Pimbley (all Committee);
Muriel Ambler, Lynne Baldwin, Jo Batty–Smith, Carol Bennitt, Nicole Biggs, Biddy Brasted-Watts, Sam Champney-Warrener, Annette Christie, Kenneth Clawson, Helen Cole, Margie Craib, Ernest Dillon, Cherry Elvin, Nicola Greenham Brooke, Jennifer Ham, Judy Harvey, Caro Haynes, Nicki Herbert, Hilary Hughes, Sabrina Jones, Annette Philpot, Val Lee, Oonagh Meyer, Becky Monk, Caroline Moon, Lisa Morris Sue Payne, Ann Peate, Joanna Potterton, Dianne Roberts, Jillie Rogers, David Sheerin, Justine Sole, Simon Somers, Fiona Stewart, Ann-Marie Taylor, Victoria Thirlby, Jenny Ward, Gill Watson.
Apologies for absence

Judith Murphy (Treasurer and Membership), Danny Anholt, Islay Auty, Carole Broad, Jonathan Chapman, Sue Charters, Sarah Dale, Tim Downes, Vicki Hayton, Amanda Holloway, Pammy Hutton, Donald Kear, Frans Koermans, Tessa Martin-Bird, Sally Newcomb, Nicky du Plessis, Patrick Print, Claire Sansom, Eric Smiley, Nick Turner, Elspeth Watson, Candice Williams, Fiona Wilson
Minutes of last AGM (held 23rd Feb 2010, Hartpury) 
Were approved as a true and accurate record – proposed by Sue Payne, seconded by Jennifer Ham.
Matters Arising from those minutes
Subscription was to be put up to £20 for this year. Direct Debit/Standing Order needs to be changed by each individual Member so we must each alter our arrangements. Over internet or in the bank.
Chairman’s Report for the Year
Report from William Blane FBHS on a successful year: (currently unavailable)
Treasurer’s Report for the Year
The meeting received Judith Murphy’s apologies – illness prevented her attending.
See financial statement from Jude Murphy (available after the meeting on website). Any questions to William and he’ll forward them to Jude. Currently (at year end) £7,331 in the bank, (last year £7k) and a financially stable picture. As membership is also up, we can spend any annual surpluses on training and encouraging participation.
The meeting reiterated that we should all be encouraging all BHSIs we know locally to join the Association. All agreed – it would make a huge difference to our financial position and what we are able to do.
Election of Committee for 2010
William Blane and Alison Craig have both completed their 3 terms of 3 years on the committee and an extra year, and are definitely due to retire. Both were thanked for their contributions over the years.
Jo Winfield was proposed for the chairmanship of the Association by William Blane, seconded by Jillie Rogers.
Dianne Roberts was proposed for the committee and for the Hon Secretary role by William Blane and seconded by Sabrina Jones.
Mandy Luesley was proposed for re-election to the committee by Ann Bostock and seconded by Sue Pimbley.
All were duly voted in by those present.
(A new committee list is attached to these minutes and available on the website)
Plans for 2011
Jo Winfield thanked the meeting for the welcome and support. She outlined her plans to develop membership and participation in training days, the variety of training days across the regions, and to support members of the Association as BHSI’s and Fellows in their marketing of themselves and image in the industry.
Possible events (all subject to confirmation – keep checking the website please…):
The Annual National Equine Forum – Thursday 3rd March 2011 – an equine industry discussion day – The Royal Society, Carlton House Terrace, London. The Association is a “friend” at the cost of around £35 per year, and this entitles us to send up to 2 delegates to the Equine Forum discussion day – tickets for which are typically £100. Two applications to attend already received for 2011 (Sarah Dale and Mandy Luesley) and a waitlist being kept by Alison Craig (Jillie Rogers on the waitlist so far – get in touch by email please if you are interested.)
Other events:
Ernest Dillon training day Wellington
Badminton Nick Turner course walk on the Friday
BHS show at Windsor – SJ coursewalk
Jenny Ward at Brooksbury BD day
Judy Harvey training day – Mandy Luesley
Talland training day
Nick Turner training /coaching day, nr Keysoe, Beds ???d
Saturday of Hickstead – F and I as guests in the BHS box, coursewalk
Blenheim and Bramham coursewalks Ann Marie Taylor ground jury
Autumn Northern training day– Oct – Sue Pimbley
Annual Course confirmed as 11th and 12th January 2012 at Addington. Adam Kemp and Kenneth Clawson felt to be outstanding trainers, and particularly appropriate for us, so requested for next year again.
Many other suggestions/offers were forthcoming – watch your newsletters and the F and I website for details
Any Other Business
The wonderful Pat Smallwood trophy is now in the care of the Association,. It was sculpted by FBHS Jo Knowles, and the box made for it by Becky Monk BHSI. It is to be awarded annually to the F and I member who has shown endeavour and support to Fs and Is generally, and to the Association in particular. Presented this year to Ann Bostock who has been the driving force on the committee for many years and also runs the superb Annual Course, organising all aspects. Thank you Ann and heartfelt congratulations from the committee and all at the meeting.
Dates of future meetings
AGM – Wednesday evening of the Annual Course next year – Wed 11th January 2012, 7pm at Addington, followed by the dinner.