held on Tuesday 23rd February 2010
at 1330 at Hartpury Equine Therapy Centre, Glos
1.  Present:
William Blane (Chairman), Alison Craig (Secretary), Judith Murphy (Treasurer and Membership), Ann Bostock, Mandy Luesley (all Committee);
Jo Batty-Smith; Steve Banks, Carol Bennitt, Jonathan Chapman, Annette Christie, Margie Craib, Sarah Dale, Lisa Fairclough, Jennifer Ham, Caro Haynes, Nicki Herbert, Judy Houghton, Alex Hudson, Hilary Hughes, Karen Lane, Vicky McDonald, Sue Payne, Ann Peate, Di Roberts, Ann-Marie Taylor, Anna Wilkes, Jo Winfield
2.  Apologies for absence

Andrew Fletcher, Sarah MacDonald, Lizzel Winter, Sue Pimbley (all committee); Danny Anholt, Islay Auty, Lynne Baldwin, Biddy Brasted-Watts, Carole Broad, Sue Charters, Kenneth Clawson, Judy Harvey, Amanda Holloway, Pammy Hutton, Donald Kear, Frans Koermans, Tessa Martin-Bird, William Miflin, Kathy Merrick, Oonagh Meyer, Sandra Morrison, Sally Newcomb, Sabrina Jones, Nicky du Plessis, Patrick Print, Jillie Rogers, Claire Sansom, Eric Smiley, Simon Somers, Becky Trowen, Nick Turner, Jenny Ward, Elspeth Watson, Gill Watson, Helen Webber, Candice Williams, Fiona Wilson
3.  Minutes of last AGM (held 7th January 2009, Addington)
Were approved as a true and accurate record – proposed by Margie Craib, seconded by Jo Batty-Smith
4.  Matters Arising from those minutes
All dealt with under forthcoming agenda.
5.  Chairman’s Report for the Year
See attached report from William Blane on a successful year. (currently unavailable)
6. Treasurer’s Report for the Year
See financial statement from Jude Murphy (available at the meeting). Currently 178 members on database and £7k in the bank. The fully subscribed Jan 2009 Annual Course incurred the biggest loss to date (nearly £2k) and the 2010 course, which was also fully subscribed, had to be cancelled due to the freezing snowy weather conditions. This cost us £500+ in cancellation fee to the jump trainer Tim Stockdale (the flat trainer Adam Kemp waived any fee) plus a lost deposit of £400?? (check??) to Addington…
Need to collect subscriptions rigorously, and also put subscriptions up next year to continue to offer a high grade annual course at an excellent venue and continue to operate the Association effectively without losing money. All present agreed that £20 for everyone would be the next logical step. Proposed by Jonathan Chapman, agreed by all. To be implemented for 2011.
Jo Batty Smith commented that we should all be encouraging all BHSIs we know to join the Association. All agreed – it would make a huge difference to our financial position and what we are able to do.
7. Election of Committee for 2010
At the January 2009 AGM, Jude Murphy was co-opted (as she wasn’t actually present) onto the Committee to act as Treasurer, taking over from the retiring Maggie Doel. This year Jude was formally elected onto the committee – proposed by William Blane and seconded by Jonathan Chapman.
Sarah Macdonald is also eligible for re-election for a further period of 3 years this year and has offered herself for re-election – proposed by Carol Bennitt, seconded by Jo Batty-Smith.
William Blane and Alison Craig have both completed their 3 terms of 3 years on the committee and are due to retire. Both said that they were willing to continue for a maximum of one further year in order to facilitate the handover to the incoming committee member taking on their role. This was agreed unanimously by all present.
Jo Winfield was nominated for the committee by Alison Craig – proposed by Ann Bostock and seconded by Sarah Dale. Jo agreed to assist William with his Chairman duties during this year and has offered take over from William from the next AGM. Much relief all round!
However we still need a replacement Hon Secretary. [After the meeting, Lisa Fairclough offered, subject to other commitments – for her to resolve during the year.]
(A new committee list is attached to these minutes and available on the website)
8.  Plans for 2010
Thursday 4th March 2009 – The Annual National Equine Forum – an equine industry discussion day – The Royal Society, Carlton House Terrace, London
Nick Turner training /coaching day, nr Keysoe, Beds ???date???
Saturday 24th July – Hickstead – F and I as guests in the BHS box, to include coursewalk with a rider. William Blane to organise with Patrick Print.
Judy Harvey training day – Mandy Luesley – Monday 26th July
Autumn Northern training day with Stephen Clarke – Oct? – Sue Pimbley
Annual Course confirmed as 12th and 13th January 2011 at Addington
Many other suggestions/offers were forthcoming – watch your newsletters and the F and I website for details
9.  Any Other Business
Jo Winfield agreed to take on the task of looking after the wonderful Pat Smallwood Trophy and deciding on its award from 2011 onwards. Suggestions to Jo please during the year.
10.  Dates of future meetings
AGM – Wednesday evening of the Annual Course next year – Wed 12th January 2011, 7pm at Addington, followed by the dinner.