Minutes of the AGM 2015

Wednesday 7th January 2015 at 7pm at  Addington Manor Equestrian Centre, Bucks

1. Opening welcome address by Jillie Rogers BHSI – Chairman.

2.  There was a minute’s silence in respect and remembrance of Danny Pevsner FBHS, and Lady Audrey Townley FBHS who died during 2014.

3. Attendance and apologies for absence 

Those present:

Jillie Rogers (Chairman), Judith Murphy (Treasurer), Dianne Roberts (Secretary), Jeremy Michaels, Lizzel Winter, Ann Bostock, and Alison Craig (Committee).

Liz Eaton, Simon Somers, Margie Craib, Biddy Brasted-Watts, Sam Champney-Warrener, Sarah MacDonald, Mandy Luesley, Sarah Thorne, Sally Robinson, Tom Searle, Kylie Roddy, David Sheerin, Fiona Stewart, Jo Shields, Helen Cole, Karen Whiston, Annette Philpot, Annette Christey, Debbie Follett, Nicole Biggs, Anne Peate, Ernest Dillon, Jayne Smart, Sabrina Jones, Nikki Herbert, Jenny Ward, Sam York, Alice Bell, Amy Bannister, Tim Downes, Andrew Bennie, Alex Hulme, Tina Canton, Hilary Hughes, Cherry Elvin, Clare Chamberlayne, Gemma Porter-Rawlings, Sue Ricketts, Carol Bennitt, Jona Willis, Maggie Doel, Faith Ponsonby, Linda de Matteo, Judy Harvey, Sue Payne, Nick Turner, Eric Smiley, Caroline Moore. Josephine Knowles and Lynne Petersen – CEO British Horse Society.

Apologies for absence were received from the following:

Islay Auty, Danny Anholt, Carole Broad, Sue Charters, Donn Collins, Sarah Dale, Andrew Fletcher, Rosemary Gaffney, Nicola Greenhalgh-Brook, Vikki Hayton, Caro Haynes, Mandy Holloway, Paula Keeley, Karen Lane, Debbie Melville, Liz Neal, Joanna Potterton, Kate Scott-Wilding, Jayne Smart, Jessica Soley, Grainne Sugars, Wendy Summers, Elspeth Watson, Gill Watson, Fiona Wilson, Kirsten Owen, Jo Winfield Lynne Baldwin, Joanna Day, Sally Newcomb, Sabrina Jones.

4Minutes of last AGM (held 9th January, 2014 at Addington Manor)

Were approved a true and accurate record and signed.

5. Matters Arising from those minutes 

There were no matters arising from the last meeting minutes.

6. Chairman’s Report for the Year 

Please see the attached report from Jillie Rogers, BHSI.

Thanks were given and wine was presented to Jenny Ward, and Lizzel Winter for hosting the Study groups. Sue Payne and Judith Murphy were also presented with wine for hosting the Insight into the Fellowship exam.  Jeremy Michaels Eric Smiley and Ann Bostock received wine in anticipation of the study groups they were leading the following day.

7. Treasurer’s Report for the Year

See financial statement from Judith Murphy (available after the meeting on website).  Balance at the end of 2013 was £9,101.99, the income received for 2014 was £15,123.00 and outgoings were £14,060.89. Therefore, the balance at the end of 2014 was £10,164.10 making a profit for 2014 of £1,062.11.

8. Election of Committee for 2015 

After serving three terms of three years both Andrew Fletcher and Lizzel Winter step down from the Committee.  Both were thanked for their commitment and effort.

Alison Craig co-opted onto the committee in 2014 was proposed for election by Simon Somers, seconded by Biddy Brasted Watts, and duly voted in by those present.

(A revised committee list is attached to these minutes and available on the website).

9. A brief review of 2014 events

10. Plans for 2015 and beyond.  

A separate list for your office notice board is attached.

Next year’s Annual Course to be held 6th and 7th January, 2016 – this will be the 30th Anniversary of the F&I Association.

David Sheerin has been tasked with organising a trip for the anniversary year (2016), this may be to Europe.

11. Any Other Business

The Chairman suggested that a Vice Chairman be elected, this was proposed by Maggie Doel and seconded by Margie Craib and agreed by those present.  To be taken to the next committee meeting.

It was agreed during the Committee meeting held earlier in the day that Eric MacKechnie BHSI should be approached to become the representative for Scotland for the F&I Association.  Members present agreed.

Ernest Dillon advised the members that in 2014 Robert Hall DBHS had sadly passed away.  Although not a member of the Association, as Mr Hall did not hold the Fellowship or Instructors qualification, Ernest felt that as Robert had helped so many people in the room he should be mentioned.  Ernest then gave us a brief eulogy on Robert Hall.

Guest speaker

Lynn Petersen CEO of the BHS outlined 2014 relating to the changes within the BHS and discussed that the emphasis was on improving the quality of the standards in riding schools.  Particular emphasis being placed on customer care and teaching standards in all of their BHS approved riding establishments.

12. Presentation of Awards

The Pat Smallwood Award

The wonderful Pat Smallwood trophy which was sculpted by Jo Knowles FBHS and the box made for it by Becky Monk BHSI was awarded this year to Eric Smiley FBHS in recognition for his contribution to the F&I Association.

The sculpture was presented to Eric by Jo who was an honoured guest at the course and had not seen the sculpture since first presenting it in 1989.

Jennie Loriston Clarke FBHS and Nick Turner FBHS received thanks and wine for coaching over the two days and confirmed their attendance for the following year’s annual course.

Jennie and Nick then presented the newly qualified BHSI’s with their certificates, Amy Bannister, Alice Bell, Claire Chamberlayne and Joanna Shields.

13. Dates of future meetings

The next Committee meeting has been proposed for Badminton Horse Trials.

Next year’s two day annual course will be held at Addington Manor Equestrian Centre, Bucks on Wednesday 6th and Thursday 7th January, 2016 with the AGM being held at 7pm, followed by the dinner.

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