Minutes of the AGM 2013

Held on Wednesday 9th January 2013 at 7pm

at  Addington Manor Equestrian Centre, Bucks

1  Opening welcome address by Jeremy Michaels FBHS – Acting Chairman.

Those present:

Jeremy Michaels (Acting Chairman), Judith Murphy (Treasurer), Dianne Roberts (Secretary), Mandy Luesley, Lizzel Winter, Catherine Cawdron (Committee).

Islay Auty, Nicole Biggs, Ann Bostock, Biddy Brasted-Watts, Yogi Breisner, Sam Champney-Warrener, Sue Charters, Annette Christey, Helen Cole, Alison Craig, Sarah Dale, Maggie Doel, Cherry Elvin, Caro Haynes, Nikki Herbert, Fred Hodges, Eric Horgan, Micheline Horgan, Amanda Holloway, Sabrina Jones, Amanda Kruger, Becky Monk, Kylie Roddy, Jillie Rogers, Jayne Smart, Tom Searle, David Sheerin, Eric Smiley, Justine Sole, Simon Somers, Fiona Stewart, Sue Payne, Ann Peate, Annette Philpott, Sally Robinson, Victoria Thirlby, Jenny Ward, Hilary Westropp, Karen Whiston, Sam York ,

Welcome to Lynne Petersen – CEO from the British Horse Society.

2  Apologies for absence were received from the following:

Lynne Baldwin, Jo Batty-Smith, Carole Broad, Jenny Clowes, Margie Craib,  Andrew Fletcher, Nicola Greenhalgh-Brook, Jenniifer Ham, Pippa Hattan, Vicky Hayton, Lorna Kennedy, Karen Lane, Tessa Martin-Bird, Debbie Melville, Oonagh Meyer, William Miflin, Caroline Moore,  Sue Pimbley, Joanna Potterton, Alex Robinson Barr, Darrell Scaife, Suzie Seymour, Grainne Sugars, Wendy Summers (Maye), Rossie Theobald, Becci Trower, Nick Turner, Anna Wilkes.

There was a minute’s silence in respect and remembrance of Jane Goldsmith, Kenneth Clawson and Judith Walker who all died during 2012. Whilst Judith was not a member of the association she was a BHS Assessor and a dear friend of many of those present.


Donations were given to the following charities on behalf of the F and I Association:

£100 was donated to the Para Trust for Jane Goldsmith.

£100 will be donated to Bone Marrow Research for Kenneth Clawson.

3  Minutes of last AGM (held 11th January, 2012 at Addington Manor)

Were approved a true and accurate record and seconded by Islay Auty FBHS.

4  Matters Arising from those minutes 

There were no matters arising from the last meeting minutes.

5  Chairman’s Report for the Year

Please see the attached report from Jeremy Michaels, FBHS

6  Treasurer’s Report for the Year

See financial statement from Judith Murphy (available after the meeting on website).  Balance at the start of 2012 was £8116.23, the income received for 2012 was £9,119.00 and outgoings were £9,219.00. Therefore, there is currently £8,016.23 in the bank making a loss of £100.00 for the year ending 2012.

Judith also emphasized the need for members to support the training days on offer to both members and non-members of the Association.  Membership generates over £2000 each year in income.  Newly qualified BHSI’s are allowed their first year of membership free.

There are still a few members still on the old fee of £10.00 but these are being chased by Judith.  Some have not renewed and Judith will make one more attempt to contact them regarding renewal.

7 Election of Committee for 2013 

Mandy Luesley and Sarah MacDonald have both completed their three terms of three years on the committee and are definitely due to retire.   Both were thanked for their contributions over the years. Mandy received a bottle of Champagne and a big thank you for all the contributions she had made over the years. Mandy also stated that she was happy to continue to organise a summer BBQ and breeding day.  Unfortunately, Sarah was unable to attend the meeting but was also thanked for her hard work and will be written to personally.

Ann Bostock was proposed to be elected to the committee by Simon Somers and seconded by Biddy Brasted-Watts and Sue Charters.

David Sheerin was proposed to be elected by Mandy Luesley and seconded by Judith Murphy.

Jeremy Michaels FBHS wished to step down as acting Chairman – only filling in for a short time and reiterated he was happy to stand in in the future and he was happy to stay on the Committee as a member.

Jillie Rogers was proposed to be elected to the committee as Chairman by Simon Somers and seconded by Ann Bostock.

All were duly voted in by those present.

(A new committee list is attached to these minutes and available on the website).

8  Plans for 2013 and beyond

Jeremy Michaels thanked Jo Winfield for her sterling work and being a supportive and active member of the association.

The venue for next year’s two day annual course in January 2014 was discussed and the costs involved.  These were:

Solihull Riding Club (£840 per day and £36. per night stabling), Bury Farm (£1000 per day) and was viewed as not being good for show jumping and Vale View (£1000 per day) versus Addington Manor (£1200 per day).

Through discussion and debate, it was decided to stay at Addington Manor Equestrian Centre for next year’s training course and Mr Eric Horgan suggested that the course could be opened up to non F and I members and Intermediate Instructors whom are working towards their BHSI certificate as spectators, thus generating income for the Association.  This could be in the form of Study Groups guided by certain trainers at the session with the trainer/coach managing the learning process.

It was suggested by Sue Payne that a cost of approximately £30. 00 per person for non-members would be acceptable; otherwise they might find this too expensive to be able to participate.  Many members at the meeting felt the fee was fair as the quality and expertise of the trainers was so high.

Riding places could also be opened up to those who have partially achieved the full BHSI certificate.

Training Days for 2013

Judith Murphy will be organising a further training clinic with Gareth Hughes.  This was very successful and received excellent feedback this year.

The National Equine Forum.

Mandy Luesley will be organising a coaching day to include lectures and demonstrations with Judy Harvey and a Jeanette Brakewell Cross Country Training Day to look forward to during 2013.  Mandy has also kindly offered to organise a summer BBQ to include discussion and observation of horses from the breeding aspect.

A Marketing Day – BHS HQ

An Equine Science Day to be held at Hartpury College, Glos.

“Ladies Day” at Hickstead.

Cross Country course walks at both Badminton and Blenheim Horse Trials.

A day with Emile Faurie (he is going to be asked by Cherry Elvin).

A lecture presentation with PowerPoint slides on Conformation of the Competition Horse with John Killingbeck (he is going to be asked by Simon Somers).

In – house coaching days to be organised.

Many thanks to the following who have offered venues to be used for future training days:

Sarah Dale

Mandy Holloway

Alex Robinson Barr

Rossie Theobald

The above are all possible events to take place during 2013 and are subject to confirmation – check the website and your emails.

BHSI Awards were presented by Lynne Petersen to the following successful candidates:

Catherine Cawdron

Kylie Roddy

Katherine Cundall

Well done to all.

9  Any Other Business

The Pat Smallwood Award

The wonderful Pat Smallwood trophy which was sculpted by Jo Knowles FBHS and the box made for it by Becky Monk BHSI was awarded this year to Kenneth Clawson.

Judy Harvey was asked to collect the award on behalf of Kenneth’s partner Paul; she will then arrange to have it engraved and give it to Paul for the year.

10  Dates of future meetings

The next Committee meetings have been proposed for Badminton, Hickstead and by virtual email.

Next year’s two day annual course will be held at Addington on Wednesday 8th and Thursday 9th January, 2014 with the AGM being held at 7pm, followed by the dinner at Addington Manor Equestrian Centre, Bucks.

Jillie Rogers then thanked both Jo Winfield and Jeremy Michaels for their contributions as Chairlady and Acting Chairman and confirmed her wish to continue to take the F and I Association forward.

Lynne Petersen thanked all for allowing her to attend the function and assured all that she would like a close role with members and to let her know of any issues and how she could be of help to better serve members in the future.




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