Training Day at Talland School of Equitation with Pammy Hutton

On Monday 25 January 2016, Pammy Hutton hosted an excellent and informative training and learning day for the F&I Association, at the Talland School of Equitation near Cirencester.

In attendance and in support were Jeremy Michaels and Judith Murphy with ten participating riders, four of whom are working for the BHSI exam and twenty spectators.

The day commenced at 10am with five riders being fortunate enough to ride some lovely horses ranging from dressage schoolmasters, eventers and show jumpers all of which gave the riders (and spectators) much to think about and discuss. Pammy in her inimitable style, cajoled and teased questions and comments from all in attendance. During the day the horses were probably the best coaches as they showed when the riders were ‘pressing the right buttons’ – thank you to all those excellent schoolmasters and mistresses, the BEST teachers of all!!

The first five riders were fortunate enough to ride until lunchtime after which a new group of riders rode a similar high standard of horse. During the afternoon session, Pammy also rode several of the horses to demonstrate the rapport and understanding she shares with them and you could almost hear them saying, ‘OK Mum, whatever you say!’ Once Pammy had shown how her horses should be working – connected, forward and over their backs – the riders remounted and soon felt exactly what she was looking for.

Spectators were encouraged to participate by questioning and discussing methods of training, BHS/UKCC exams, horse breeds, rider position, rider effect and many, many more topics.

Towards the end of the day, we were treated to a fantastic GP freestyle test ridden by Pippa Hutton who rode beautifully with precision and feel for the music, and we all wish her luck in her forthcoming competitions.

The feedback from attendees after the day and later on Facebook was unanimous – an excellent, inspiring day with fabulous horses, led by an experienced, thought-provoking coach. Thank you Pammy and we all look forward to the next one!!!

Jeremy Michaels, FBHS