Scholarship in memory of Margot Tiffany BHSI

The Fellows & Instructors Association has pleasure to announce the news of an important new scholarship through the BHS, in memory of our own Margot Tiffany BHSI.  It was announced by Lynn Petersen BHS CEO at our AGM on 6th January 2016, and is aimed at supporting the development of our next generation of talented BHSAI’s.

From Lynn Petersen, BHS Chief Executive Officer

Dear Member of the F&I Association

We hope you have all had an enjoyable and productive 2015 and are looking forward to an exciting 2016. We would like to thank you for your support of the BHS throughout the year.

We would also like to take this opportunity to let you know about the exciting new changes that are taking place within the education department of the BHS.  We are updating and refreshing our training and exams and improving our marketing to ensure we provide better quality customer care.  Throughout 2016 and beyond we will be working to map and actively promote the training provision across the country.  In addition 2016 will see us launch a scholarship scheme to support the next generation of instructors and coaches employed in BHS Approved Centres and Livery Yards.

BHS Instructor Development Scholarship

As the largest provider of equestrian education and qualifications in the UK, it is our duty to inspire those individuals who will truly make a difference to the future of our sector.  Our experience has shown us that to reach the level of qualification necessary to aspire to a constructive equestrian career can cost a considerable amount, which is often the stumbling block for many talented individuals.

The initial aim of the scholarship is to increase the number of qualified BHS Assistant Instructors (AI) across the country.  It is hoped that by supporting these talented individuals we will strengthen the equestrian industry, providing it with additional qualified instructors who have gained a valuable industry recognised qualification. The Scholarship is to enable the individual to train and gain industry experience to create a well-rounded and knowledgeable instructor.  In addition to contributing towards the costs of training, the BHS will also provide funding towards the cost of the BHS Stage 3 and PTT examinations and the first year on the BHS Register of Instructors.

At the heart of this scholarship, is a celebration of the life and legacy of Margot Tiffany BHSI. We are honoured to have received a legacy for this scholarship in Margot’s name as well as contributions from many of her friends and close family members.  Margot served as a BHS Trustee from 2008-2011 with particular interests in qualifications and training, education and welfare. Margot’s tireless hard work and continuing advocacy of high standards make her an enduring figurehead for this scholarship. Each year, together with her family the BHS will present the Margot Tiffany Award to those candidates which successfully pass this scholarship. 

From Margot’s legacy and our own fundraising efforts, we are aiming to fund a minimum of ten scholarships in the first year with an ambition to grow this opportunity over the years to come.  We will have two application windows, one in the Spring and one in the Autumn.  All applications must be received by Friday 29th April 2016 for the Spring scholarship and Friday 28th October 2016 for the Autumn scholarship.

A selection panel of BHS Centre proprietors, staff members and leading relevant industry experts will review all applications and the top applications from each period will be awarded a scholarship.

If you have a talented individual working at your centre, or a centre near you, who would truly benefit from this scholarship, please encourage them to fill in an application with as much information as possible and return it by the deadline.

We look forward to working in partnership with you.

Yours sincerely


Lynn Petersen

Chief Executive Officer


Click here for The British Horse Society Instructors Development Scholarship – Guidance Document

Click here for Application form