Training Day with Richard Carruthers

The F&I North West had a great day training at Forest Gate Farm with Richard Carruthers B.H.S.I. The session consisted of 2 groups working over show jumps and xc fences on the arena We were riding a selection of horses mainly young or inexperienced as well as borrowed horses so we could all take advantage of the day. The sun shone as we were all put through our paces over a variety of lines, corners and steeplechase exercises All horses improved by looking for the lines helping us riders to look good!! We then jumped out of the arena to enjoy the xc fences around the field (being told ‘mind the sheep!!’) jumping hedges, trakehners, ditches.  All horses grew in confidence and by the end of each group were feeling very positive After a good hose down of both horse and riders as now we were at 25c!! we all had a super picnic with fab chocolate cake in Richard’s garden where we all discussed the training of the day and future training we would like to organise with suggestions from all of us This also gave us time to chat with each other about professional development Thank you to Richard and Jane Carruthers for a brilliant day

By Sarah Fitton