Talland Training Day with Pammy Hutton FBHS

Monday 22nd January 2018

A great day was spent in the company of Pammy and the horses at Talland. This was a wonderful opportunity to either ride or observe and discuss what was happening in front of us. The riders had a great time with a fantastic variety of horses working from novice to Grand Prix and to have Pammy’s experienced eye to help with any situations that came up.

We were able to observe how the riders connected with their horses both physically and mentally and discuss authentically what was happening, as it happened. This day also allowed riders to get the feel of different horses in a situation which would be like an assessment session in the Fellowship exam. We were also able to come away with ideas that would allow you to think about your own training and how you are able to develop as a coach.

It was good to be reminded that you sometimes have to do something wrong to get it right and to see how the horses were able to tell us how the riders were riding.

Both the riders and spectators found the discussion relevant to the horses way of going and it was great to see the riders taking on the advice given and being able to develop their techniques with the horses.

A big thank you to Pammy and the team at Talland and to Judith and Jeremy for organising the day.

Sam Goss.