Sad News from Nick Gauntlett

We wanted to brief you all on our own Nick Guantlett’s (FBHS) dreadful lorry accident yesterday. Many of you will have already heard via Facebook, but for those who haven’t, here is Nick’s post, copied from his own Facebook page:

“Tough day… maybe an understatement! My amazing family are fine & that is definitely the main thing. but today we lost Party Trick – having broken down just 30mins from Land Rover Blair Castle International Horse Trials we sat on the grass verge & watched a lorry (whose driver we think may have been on his phone) plough into our truck. You don’t need the details but we lost all 4 horses on board.

We are obviously all heart broken. Lucy Morgan & Asha Riches-Wood, the emergency services, vets and people generally were amazing.
Thank you everyone for your words of support and offers of help. The Eventing world yet again proving what at an amazing family it is.
Nick and Amanda”

Messages & responses from members:

F&I (Jude Murphy, on our behalf) has sent flowers to Nick and the family.

“Nick, our thoughts are with you, and all your family, and all your connections. There but for the grace of God go all of us…. Stay strong.”

“Poor poor poor Nick, how absolutely ghastly. Please add my heartfelt love and sympathy to all the other messages, thanks Elspeth”

“Harrowing , I just can’t imagine how they must feel ! “

“Nick my thoughts go out to you, your Family, Owners, Grooms and everyone concerned. Words can’t begin to comfort you all “

“Utterly dreadful. So sorry.”

“Tragic, dreadful…. my thoughts are with all those involved xx”

“Really tragic – I feel really shocked and sad so goodness knows how Nick and family, owners and
everyone concerned are feeling. My thoughts go with all involved xx”

“That is horrific. No one should have to go through that “

“Awful news”

“Can’t imagine how horrific it was, such a shock. My thoughts with everyone involved xx”

“Absolutely tragic and horrifying incident. Thoughts are with Nick and his team”

“So so sad and deeply shocked for you all. Words fail …sending hugs to you “

“My thoughts are with everyone. I have also sent flowers to Sophie separately from us all at F and I”

“Unimaginable. “

“Just horrific. So sorry for everyone involved x”

“Devastating, shocking and heartbreaking loss for you all, I’m so sorry”