Report on the F&I Social Media Training Session

A Brief Report on the F&I Social Media Training Session Delivered by Alan Raftery, BHS Social Media Marketing Manager 9 March 2023.

I thought it might be worth giving members a brief report on the first of our training sessions, in case you haven’t signed up yet.
You still have two more opportunities to take part!

Alan spent an hour taking us through some really helpful and easy to grasp tips on managing your social media presence.
The starting point is our call for members to be more proactive on social media in posting positive images and messages around equine welfare and safeguarding.

Alan then went on to show us how to access simple tools and hacks for enhancing our profiles, engaging with people, managing our time and even dealing with malicious messages.

He described the different platforms available and their specific functions.
There’s a ‘Magic Formula’ which we can all use and ideas on how to create quality content.

I happened to be speaking to Islay Auty and she mentioned how valuable she found the session, even though she doesn’t have the need of a great social media presence to attract clients!

For myself, I’ve just launched a new Instagram and Facebook profile for my new freelance work and I took masses of information away from the session.

I would really recommend that all our members take advantage of this opportunity and sign up (all three sessions are the same, though obviously questions from members will differ)

Many thanks to Tracy Casstles for taking up our challenge and to Alan for his patience, wisdom and expertise.
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