Have you considered taking the Fellowship Assessment?

The General Fellowship assessment will be taking place on 18th and 19th October 2023 at Wellington Riding, Hampshire

The BHS Fellowship is the highest professional standard across the equine industry and is internationally recognised.

Taking place across two days, candidates will be assessed on coaching skills, practical demonstrations, theoretical knowledge, stable management and the history of equitation.

Fewer than 80 people hold the FBHS qualification, which is recognised as the highest equestrian qualification in the world.

If you are a Performance Coach BHSI and have the skills, knowledge and passion to become a BHS Fellow then please email a CV, covering letter and fee of £150 to the Education Department by 17th April 2023 to tracy.casstles@bhs.org.uk  Please note, the CVs are forwarded to assessors anonymously – please ensure your CV is emailed in Word format to enable us to redact your personal details.

CVs are assessed by a panel of Fellows against the following criteria:

*Previous and present occupations

*Academic qualifications

*Equestrian qualifications

*Other equestrian work

*Competition experience

*Teaching/Coaching experience

*Details of regular trainers used, and study undertaken

If your CV is accepted you will be invited to apply for the assessment.  The fee for the assessment is £1300.  If you are a BHS Accredited Professional Coach you are eligible for a 25% discount and the fee will be £975.  If you do not feel ready to apply this time, your CV will not need to be resubmitted for reapproval as long as the Fellowship syllabus remains current, or if the syllabus is amended within this time, a minimum of 3 years from the date of submission. 

Please note there have been a few minor changes to the General Fellowship taking effect from 3rd January 2023.  

Candidates will be required to deliver a practical presentation (at their own cost) to an audience on a date prior to the final assessment.  The BHS Education Team will need 8 weeks notice of the date and will arrange and fund the assessor. These presentations will take place in July and the proposed date needs to be given at the time of application for the assessment. If a candidate does not fulfil the requirements of this section they will be allowed to repeat it once at a later date in Aug/September, but will have to cover assessor costs. Please note, failure to pass the presentation will mean candidates are unable to present for the assessment in October. Please see the link to the current General syllabus and guidelines for full information.

A minimum of three candidates are required to run the assessment.

If you are interested in taking your Fellowship, click here to navigate to the BHS website information