F&I Study Day with Judy Harvey FBHS

Monday 9th May 2022.  

Word must have spread as a large number of F’s and I’s gathered at Judy’s Buckinghamshire yard for the enviable treat of watching Judy ride and coach throughout the day. 

We started with Judy, while riding, giving us a marvellous insight into how she found and eventually gained the ride on the delightful S P Bento, who she had spotted while commentating at the Addington High Performance Sale. This delightful 9yo horse is blessed with a charming and unflappable temperament, which he displayed to the full as he and Judy magnificently went through their paces up to PSG. What a superb way to start the day. 

This was followed by a great variety of horses and riders at various levels. Every session gently challenged the fundamentals for that horse and rider, and all finished with both horse and rider not only improved, but also smiling and happy. The riders were empowered and inspired, as were the onlookers.

As coaches, we gained so much from this fantastic opportunity.  Judy generously shared some of her views and insights on current equine events, including her thoughts on the clear and consistent dressage judging at Badminton, and how she, and just one or two spiders, had spent a very enjoyable couple of days glamping there with friends.  ‘You have to have fun with horses, as you’ll never get rich!‘ she laughed.

It was a joy and so refreshing watching Judy’s coaching skills. ‘You have to make the best of what you’ve got‘, Judy stressed. She certainly did that with every combination.

I know that I speak for us all in thanking our truly amazing F&I Association for giving us the opportunity to watch and share some Pearls of Wisdom from some of The Greats in the horse world.

Thank you Judy for a wonderful day. Thank you Ann for organizing so many of the superb training days, including this one.  And finally, thank you to the F&I Association for so much more than just the training.

Caro Haynes BHSI