F&I – Report on “How to deliver a professional online seminar”

By Jo Winfield FBHS

To most horse people the mention of IT sends a shiver down the spine! I am no exception!

However Jo dispelled all these thoughts and unravelled the mystery of IT for our coaching programmes.

Her preparation was very concise, sending out her plan on a PowerPoint beforehand, so we could be ready for the live presentation.

In the housekeeping prelude she explained the importance of protection not only of underage clients and GDPR but also of our own “intellectual property”.

Jo then went on to clarify the difference between a Webinar and Seminar.

A Webinar works well for a larger audience in a lecture type environment and there is less interaction.

A Seminar is ideal for smaller groups as in our daily work coaching.

Preparation is key, and Jo explained and emphasised several times the importance of experimenting with a small group of friends to practise the use of Zoom, Starleaf and the other platforms that are available.  Last March when lockdown began, Jo felt teaching online and making use of IT was the way forward as a way of developing an income stream.  However, do not be fooled – it is hard work and can take up to 6 hours preparation!

Zoom seems to be the preference as polls of participants (eg testing their knowledge, background or views) are easy to use on this platform. Jo demonstrated how you can use polls for interactive learning and did a practice run on us!

Jo made us aware of how we present ourselves on screen depending on the formality of the delivery.

Jo’s thoughts on the different ways of learning and how to tap into this were most helpful. By giving out the handout before, the subsequent live presentation and use of colour on slides helps all learners.

SIMPLICITY is the key word – the use of text font, colour and photos all need to deliver the message clearly without overcrowding either the page or the brain!  Jo gave an excellent demonstration with short videos of a tail bandage and loading.

Jo showed us various techniques to make the presentation more interesting.  Even I managed to put a background onto my screen, with a lovely mountain scene.

We were made aware that different devices have different abilities to deliver various functions. I learnt that my tablet won’t do certain things whereas my phone does!

It was an excellent presentation – and now to quote Barack Obama YES WE CAN deliver our work online with confidence.

Thank you, Jo.

Report by Faith Ponsonby