F & I Judy Harvey Training Day

We were treated to a gorgeous summer day at Judy Harvey’s where we could watch, listen and learn.  As well as a perfect opportunity for us I’s to bring along our own or owners’ horses to work on with Judy, it’s also a great opportunity just to spectate, and to spend time taking it all in and exchanging coaching ideas with fellow trainers.
Judy had several riders to help;  I will mention a few.  With Andrew Fletcher, Judy worked with the canter rhythm, sending him on and back so his horse learns to sit down more. She also included lots of transitions to help the horse “ping” off the ground.
Ann Birch rode her lovely TB X race horse, and worked on getting him rounder with more bend. Of the several riders that were helped an improvement was seen in all.
Nick Turner rode a 16 yrs Australian TB which he was taking to Burghley.  Nick bravely did some practice teaching as did Mandy Luesley.  They both did a great job, and Judy also offered some constructive help and tips to them.
I was lucky enough to have two lessons, one on Alison Lidstone’s and Neil Memery’s delightful 5 yr old which has been so successful at all his events with Alison.  Also on my son’s PC eventer.  With both, Judy was constructive, positive and encouraging.
How lucky we are to be part of this fabulous Association which offers us so many opportunities to learn and improve, in a relaxed atmosphere and with like-minded souls.
Thank you Judy and thank you to the F and I Association.
Tuesday 24th June 2008
(report by Caro Haynes)