Judy Harvey FBHS Training Day

5 May 2021

May 5th 2021. Around 20 or so Fs and Is arrived at Furze House for the day. Some brought horses for coaching sessions, some volunteered to coach a session, and all of us had a chance to observe, discuss and enjoy the socialising with friends which has been in short supply recently. All socially distanced and ‘zapped’ by Ann’s thermometer gun at the start of play. And what a treat it was! There were many…

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Report from Talland Study Day

20 April 2021

Tuesday 20th April 2021 The 5.30 am alarm went off, this usually means one of two things – either I am off eventing or I have to get up to get hirelings ready for autumn hunting. Today neither was the cause of my early alarm, instead I was off to “Talland“ for my first “Study Day” as a newly qualified BHSI. Coming from the Essex/Suffolk borders, on a good day my journey according to google…

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Report on the Diverse Communities in Equestrianism Webinar

25 March 2021

What an interesting and eye-opening session we had discussing diverse communities in equestrianism. Ruth opened the evening, introducing us to Sandra Murphy. Sandra set up BERF – BAME Equine and Rural Activities Focus group – just after the George Floyd incident. BERF were represented for the first time ever at the National Equine Forum a few weeks ago. Sandra posted a message on an equine forum asking how we can increase equality and diversity in…

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How to Produce a Powerpoint Presentation with Jo Winfield FBHS

10 March 2021

This informative evening followed on from our first presentation on delivering an online seminar. I would have to say as attendees we looked much more confident in how we made our way around our computer screens. People had used background photos which Jo had showed us on that first night. A handout was sent out to accompany the evening, which made following the presentation a lot easier. Jo started by showing us around the screen…

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Ernest Dillon FBHS in conversation with Danny Anholt FBHS

8 March 2021

‘His Philosophy of Show Jumping Training’ Danny opened the evening to welcome 58 of us sounding extremely professional, (ever considered a career in broadcasting Danny?), with grateful thanks to the committee and in particular to Jude Murphy for her hard work and inspiration in setting up the zoom evenings. Our attention was drawn to the fact that Jude is married to a wizard who has been most helpful with the technology! I asked myself what…

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Report on the Zoom Evening with Charlie Unwin

1 March 2021

‘Training Our Inner Voice’ This was a wonderful and insightful evening presentation which I felt added another level to the work which Charlie already does, not only with riders directly but also with coaches. The presentation’s study focus resonated threefold, firstly on a personal level analysing our own coaching performance, also as facilitators of a positive learning experience for our clients, and finally in managing team dynamics too. (A note here that Charlie has written…

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Report on “Modern Equine Dentistry” with Alice Hughes

23 February 2021

Firstly, we must thank Jen Morris for organising another fantastic zoom session, this time with Alice Hughes BVMS BAEDT MRCVS. Jen started off by introducing Alice, who Jen used to teach at Pony Club and now Alice is married with children and is her vet. Alice is part of a large practice in Aberdeen called Ardene House Vet Practice Ltd and has lots of exciting, new techniques. Alice started off by informing us she is…

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Report on Erik MacKechnie-Guire FBHS “Taking the step from the BHSI to Fellowship”

12 February 2021

I first would personally like to thank the F & I Association committee for their swift embracing of technology giving all of us greater access to fantastic trainers and coaches regardless of geographical location. Here in Ireland our ease of access to top coaches is often limited. I hope even when we “return to normal” that zoom may still offer greater opportunity for learning! Special thanks to Amy Bannister-Bell for organising Erik to talk to…

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F&I – Report on “How to deliver a professional online seminar”

8 February 2021

By Jo Winfield FBHS To most horse people the mention of IT sends a shiver down the spine! I am no exception! However Jo dispelled all these thoughts and unravelled the mystery of IT for our coaching programmes. Her preparation was very concise, sending out her plan on a PowerPoint beforehand, so we could be ready for the live presentation. In the housekeeping prelude she explained the importance of protection not only of underage clients and GDPR but…

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Eric Smiley’s Course Walk to Training Report

8 February 2021

Correct Speed .   Arrival.   Set tone for course. Correct Speed .  Scope .  Brave. When to balance. How much. When to turn , line, left or rt. When to balance , what canter. What position. Balance. Distance, speed of thought off bank ( alternative ), focus horse. Gallop, when to balance. Line in and out. Honesty to left. 7,8. Mind game. Are you in gear?     Line , speed. Choose and get…

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