Report on Erik MacKechnie-Guire FBHS “Taking the step from the BHSI to Fellowship”

12th February 2021

I first would personally like to thank the F & I Association committee for their swift embracing of technology giving all of us greater access to fantastic trainers and coaches regardless of geographical location. Here in Ireland our ease of access to top coaches is often limited. I hope even when we “return to normal” that zoom may still offer greater opportunity for learning! Special thanks to Amy Bannister-Bell for organising Erik to talk to…

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F&I – Report on “How to deliver a professional online seminar”

8th February 2021

By Jo Winfield FBHS To most horse people the mention of IT sends a shiver down the spine! I am no exception! However Jo dispelled all these thoughts and unravelled the mystery of IT for our coaching programmes. Her preparation was very concise, sending out her plan on a PowerPoint beforehand, so we could be ready for the live presentation. In the housekeeping prelude she explained the importance of protection not only of underage clients and GDPR but…

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Eric Smiley’s Course Walk to Training Report

8th February 2021

Correct Speed .   Arrival.   Set tone for course. Correct Speed .  Scope .  Brave. When to balance. How much. When to turn , line, left or rt. When to balance , what canter. What position. Balance. Distance, speed of thought off bank ( alternative ), focus horse. Gallop, when to balance. Line in and out. Honesty to left. 7,8. Mind game. Are you in gear?     Line , speed. Choose and get…

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F&I Chairman’s Report Virtual AGM

14th January 2021

January 5th 2021 Dear Members Welcome to our first Virtual AGM. As the year 2020 drew to a close suffice to say for us all it was a challenging one and a time we won’t forget.  The COVID-19 pandemic threw all our lives into disarray, it limited our social lives, work, travel and so many sporting events.  It has impacted on each one of us, psychologically, physically and financially.  I wish to offer my sincere…

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Richard Davison and Caroline Moore Training Philosophies Zoom Webinar Report

6th January 2021

F&I ‘Annual Course’ – Wednesday 6th January 2021, 7pm, via zoom It is uncertain whether the 80 F&I members attending on Wednesday 6th January was indicative of our appetite for knowledge or a desire to escape the chaos of the outside world! One thing is for sure, many of us have significantly upskilled our tech knowledge and ability over the last 10 months – and some of the opportunities this affords us are invaluable. Danny…

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Report from F&I Webinar – “Biomechanics of Horse and Rider from a Coaching Perspective” delivered by Dr Russell Mackechnie-Guire

10th November 2020

Ruth Baxter kindly organised the Webinar on the “Biomechanics of Horse and Rider from a Coaching Perspective” delivered by Dr Russell Mackechnie-Guire on 4th Nov 2020. After a few anxious moments linking up to the Webinar which Ruth planned so well we were treated to a most wonderful 2 hours of research that is ground breaking to say the least! I sat riveted to my chair listening to and watching a fantastic revelation of knowledge that…

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Report from Performance Psychologist Charlie Unwin’s Zoom Presentation on 7th Sept 2020

7th September 2020

“Mental Fitness for Equestrian Athletes” So, some salient points from last night:  Firstly, how wonderful to get together with so many like-minded people with such a huge range of experience – and why ever don’t we do it more often?  It’s so stimulating and thought- provoking.  Charlie is a super presenter with endless enthusiasm for his subject and clear thought processes which are all very relevant to us as Coaches. We started by discussing what…

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Report on the F&I Training Day, Tuesday 1st September 2020, with Judy Harvey FBHS 

1st September 2020

Our first day out for the F & I Association since the Annual course dawned warm and sunny as we made our way to Judy Harvey’s yard in Buckinghamshire. Judy has been a long time member and supporter and is generous in allowing us to watch and learn from her own riding and coaching skills. Covid 19 procedures were in place and we all socially distanced as you can see from the photograph, we all…

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15th March 2020

As I write this on the train heading back to Cheshire, I am reflecting on what has been a truly thought provoking day at The National Equine Forum. I firstly want to say a big thank you to the F&I Association for the opportunity for myself and Alex Wyatt to attend the forum. Having arrived slightly late due to train issues I arrived as Dr Richard Newton had started his talk on managing infectious disease…

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9th March 2020

This day was kindly organised by Talland School of Equitation. A group of eager F’s and I’s were welcomed by Pammy Hutton FBHS at Talland School of Equitation on a cold Monday morning. The group was a mixture of both riders and spectators. At 10am prompt, an action-packed programme began and the first of the 3 riders were given the arena and some younger horses to assess and critique. The horses were quality types with…

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