Congratulations from Sam York FBHS, our Chair:

“We are beyond proud to announce the news that we now have four new Fellows of the BHS:  Lisa Morris, Kylie Roddy, David Sheerin and Jayne Smart.
We all know the Fellowship is the pinnacle of equestrian qualifications and it involves many years of work and total dedication to even be considered to be ready to be assessed at this level. 
It’s a massive achievement for the successful candidates and also for those who were not successful on this occasion. 
The F&I Association would also like to express our great gratitude to our own Ann Bostock who yet again organised the entire running of the assessment from the ground up, with a professional and extremely hard working team of helpers, riders and endless super horses that were provided from various sources. The venue was excellent and provided everything needed to accommodate such a complex and diverse assessment. We also thank those behind the scenes who organise everything, from the months of pre-planning, bookings, programmes and administrators. 
And, last but not least, our gratitude to the team of assessors who maintained their integrity and consistency over the three long days of assessing. 
What a great qualification system we have, really something to be proud of.  Well done to all involved and thank you from the F&I Committee.”
Sam York – Chair