BHS General Meeting 11 June

The Board of Trustees is pleased to confirm that the General Meeting requisitioned by 42 members of the Society to propose a vote of no confidence in the Chair, Board of Trustees and the CEO was held on the 11 June. A total number of 5480 verified votes were received with 829 (15.1%) in support of the resolution and 4651 (84.9%) against. Consequently, the resolution was not carried.
This is the highest turnout for a General Meeting vote in modern history.

The Board of Trustees is grateful for the support of members who voted against the resolution and will continue to carry out the great work the Charity is recognised for. In so doing, the Society will continue to engage and listen to all of its members, employees, volunteers, key stakeholders and supporters in order that we best meet the needs of horses and all who care for them.

The ballot for the election of new trustees opens today, June 12th, and will close on July 12th. In keeping with the Constitution of the Society, the current Board of Trustees, all of whom are volunteers, will continue in office until the Election Board Meeting of 16th July when the full line up of the new Board will be announced.