Autumn Newsletter 2014

Dear Member

Summer is but a memory and the season of mists and mellow fruitfulness is now past as we tread those long dark days to Christmas, so I felt a Newsletter was needed!

The F&I Association has had a busy year with a varied calendar, training days, study days, course walks, days for the social butterflies at Hickstead & The Royal Dublin Horse shows Ladies Days and the opportunity to see fantastic horses being worked by various maestros’. Once again my heartfelt thanks to all those hardworking people who’ve taken the time to organise these days for us. The Irish days were well supported with the exception of the Ballendenisk Course Walk which had to be pulled; however, Faith has a more varied programme planned for next year.

There are still areas of the countries where we’re not yet firmly established and I’d like to see the F&I Association’s flag flying in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. Your committee has discussed this and whilst we can’t afford to run at a loss, maybe we could think along the lines of half days and/or ‘riding off the back’ of some of the other disciplines’ study days?

If anyone wishes to use either the website or the Facebook page to advertise courses or their own skills, please feel free to do so. There won’t be a charge, BUT this medium is not going to be opened up for the use of non-members.

I can’t conclude without mention of the new Fellow of the BHS, our own treasurer Judith Murphy and the six new BHSI’s of 2014, Clare Chamberlayne, Sarah Fitton, Joanne Shields, Amy Bannister, Heidi Reed, Alice Bell and Ross O’Hare. We look forward to seeing all of you at the Annual Couse where the BHSI certificates will be presented.

The Annual Course is on 7th & 8th January 2015 at Addington. Jennie Loriston-Clarke will be coaching the dressage riders and there is a wait list for places, whilst Nick Turner will coach the jumping riders and there are just a few slots left. However, even if you don’t intend to ride, do try and come along and spectate. It’s an opportunity to catch up with both new and old acquaintances, with first class coaches and study groups in each indoor school. You can air your views at the AGM followed by a good supper where the craic is mighty.


Best wishes