AGM Minutes 2021

Held on Tuesday 5th January 2021 at 7.00pm via Zoom

1 Welcome address by Jillie Rogers BHSI – Chairman.

Jillie welcomed everyone on Zoom – a first for F&I!

2 Attendance and Apologies for Absence (Committee members in bold)

Present:  Jillie Rogers, Ann Bostock, Judith Murphy, Alison Craig, Mandy Luesley, Amy Bannister-Bell, Danny Anholt, Sam York, Oonagh Meyer, Nicole Biggs, Ann Peate, Faith Ponsonby, Karen Winston, Mark Robinson, David Sheerin, Helen Martin, Jenny Ward, William Micklem, Sarah MacDonald, Linda deMatteo, Liza Allen, Victoria Gallantree, Sam Champney Warrener, Fiona Harrison, Tim Downes, Caroline Stevenson, Annette Philpot, Islay Auty, Lisa Morris, Sue Payne, Melissa Troup, Cherry Elvin, Hetta Wilkinson, Nicole Biggs, Jane Jarvis, Ruth Baxter, Tessa Martin-Bird, Clare Chamberlayne, Lizzel Winter, Debbie Melville, Amanda Holloway, Nicola Brook, Peter Farrelly. Wendy Summers, Julia Gourley, Ann Peate, Alex Hulme, Brendan Bergin, Margie Craib, Sue Charters, Sue Ricketts, Tessa Ryley, Joanna Chilcott, Hannah Fenech, Jo Winfield, Carrie Byrom, Mandy Chaffin, Clare Sansom, Ellie Halsey, Julian Campbell, Liz Eaton, Jen Burnett, Dan Spencer, Debbie Follett, Fred Hodges, Caro Haynes, Alex Robinson-Barr, Posy Knapp, Catherine Shine, Carol Bennitt, Erik Mackechnie Guire, David Llewellyn, Charlotte Tarrant, Jayne Smart, Kylie Roddy, Sarah Thorne, Kirsty Fontaine-Henley, Annette Christey, Lisa Morris, Alice Bannister-Bell, Wendy Suddes, Sally Newcomb, Dianne Roberts,

Apologies: Dale Lasseter, Elspeth Watson, Eric Smiley, Liz Rennie, Louise Smales, Kirsten Owen, Joanna Potterton, Sue Ringrose, Jeremy Michaels, Becky Cooper, Liz Neal, Caroline Peatfield, Heidi Reed, Jessica Soley, Grainne Sugars, Sophie Cox, Joanna Day, Pippa Hatton, Nick Turner, Kathy Merrick, Sandra Morrison, Jennifer Ham, Richard Johnston-Smith, Alex Wyatt Hughes, Sabrina Jones, Pammy Hutton, Rob Lovatt, Caroline Moore, Ann Dicker, Maggie Doel.

3 Minutes of last AGM (held 7th January 2020 at Addington)

The minutes were approved as a correct record.

4 Matters Arising from those Minutes

No matters arising that wouldn’t be covered below.

5 Chairman’s Review for the Year 2020   

See attached “F&I Chairman’s Report for 2020” read by Jillie.

Also see attached information from Oonagh Meyer regarding Riding Schools and the BHS Hardship Appeal, to which F&I is donating £1,000.

6 Treasurer’s Report for the Year 2020   

6.1 Jude Murphy reported that we have 200 members.  With understandably few events in 2020, end of year cash balance was down slightly at the year end to £19,327.  See attached financial summary, which with incredible hard work by Jude was assembled, audited and distributed, in just 3 days after the year end and 2 days before the meeting.

6.2 Financial statements were Proposed by Annette Christey and Seconded by Linda DeMatteo.

6.3 Jude requested that those who pay at Addington in cash or cheque PLEASE set up a standing order for £20 to F&I – contact Jude Murphy.

6.4 Jillie confirmed that the membership subscription would remain at £20 for at least her and Ann Bostock’s final year of office.

7 Election of Committee for 2021

7.1 As outlined in the “planning for the AGM” document sent out to all members prior to the meeting, only Alison Craig from the current committee was due for re-election (for her final term of 3 years).  With no other nominations, Alison was Proposed by Faith Ponsonby, Seconded by Brendan Bergin.

7.2 Faith led the praise for the whole committee, in place once again for the coming year.

8 Revised Constitution

Jillie outlined the work done by the F&I Membership Working Party during the year.  The adoption of the revised Constitution was Proposed by Margie Craib, Seconded by Nicole Biggs. Revised Constitution attached, and available on the website.

9 Membership Agreement

Jillie outlined the reasons for creating this new document, and its adoption forthwith was Proposed by Debbie Follett and Seconded by Margie Craib.  Membership Agreement attached (and available on the website).  EVERYONE to complete, please, and send to Jude, Membership and Treasurer.

10 Remembrance

All present were invited to remember four influential coaches from days gone by – Rosie Cockerton, Betty Howett, Pat Burgess and Sister Chiara (Cherry Hatton Hall), who all died in 2020.   See attached obituaries prepared by Peter Cook and read by Danny Anholt (Rosie and Betty) and Jillie (Pat Burgess and Sister Chiara).

11 Presentation of Awards

Sam Champney Warrener – thank you for running the closed Facebook page so well for us.

Sally Newcomb – thank you for running the website so well for us.

Presentations then took place, on Zoom, showing the trophies and recipients:

Tom Searle award – Jillie presented this to Liza Allen

Achievement Award – Ann presented this to Carrie Byrom

Pat Smallwood Award – David Sheerin presented this to Clare Sansom

Many congratulations to all!

All trophies to be posted very carefully to their new owners.

12 Date of next AGM

Tuesday 4th January 2022, 7pm – at Addington!