Summer Newsletter 2014

Dear All

I have realised that time has marched on and that I’ve not yet sent you any form of correspondence re the F&I Association’s continued successful 2014.

Since the Annual Convention many events have been organised by busy people, which have then been coached and attended by many very busy people. Other busy people have then found the time to write reports which have been published on Facebook and where possible the Web page and sent out in email form by Di Roberts our hard working secretary.

I know I’ll never remember all of those days however here’s just a flavour of what the Fellows & Instructors Association has put on so far this year.

We started the year in March with the National Equine Forum in London attended by Carole Bennitt and myself. We felt very grown up in our smart ‘London attire’ travelling across the city for a very interesting day.

There have been training days in different establishments with a variety of themes and Coaches. All have proved to be informative and the reports written have given us all a flavour of what is available, not only to ourselves but other equestrians.

Course Walks always prove popular and Nick Turner has done two route marches this year. The first at Badminton where his opening words of ‘this is not a course for the faint hearted and won’t be won on the dressage’ proved to be correct. The second at Tattersals, Co Meath where the smaller group of intrepid walkers included Grainne Sugars by ‘buggy’

Jeanette Brakewell gave a Cross Country Training Day recently which certainly inspired our members. Whilst Faith Ponsonby organised a return visit to Coolmore Stud to see more of those fabulous stallions. The great Gallileo walked out and viewed us with a certain disdain!! This was followed by lunch in McCarthy’s pub Fethard and a visit to the large veterinary hospital nearby.

This brings me to the sticky subject of report writing. Those people who organise these days for us should not then be expected to write a report. If you are the lucky person asked to take on this task please please do it as soon as you can, with some photographs if possible as it makes such a difference to our continuing presence in the equestrian world. Di will email it to all members on her list and it will go to Sam Champney Warrener for the Facebook page and Sally Newcomb for the Web page.

AND THERE’S MORE! Ladies Days at Hickstead and the Royal Dublin Horse Show are very much on the agenda along with Mandy Luesley’s summer BBQ,. There are more Course Walks at Blenheim, Burghley and Ballindenisk Co Cork along with more training days planned before the end of the year.

A specialist day for all Fellows & Instructors at Ingestre Stables is being organised by Tim Downes with Carole Broad and Rob Lovatt with regards to the BHSI qualification and examinations. This is a day open only to F’s & I’s whether or not they are members of the Association. It will be useful for all as we can ride & coach and look at this level of examination.

The longest day has been and gone and here in Co.Wexford the weather (as I type) is fabulous. Then it’s uphill to Christmas!

See you at the Annual Convention at Addington in January 2015.

Good Competing and time spent with our Equine Friend.