Molly Sivewright FBHS

F & I Association deeply saddened by the passing of Molly Sivewright FBHS

Molly Sivewright, a Fellow of The British Horse Society and founder of The Talland School of Equitation, passed away on Wednesday 28 August aged 89.

Mrs Sivewright was one of the greatest equestrian instructors this country has seen.  She became a Fellow of The British Horse Society in 1961, was a Fellow of the Institute of the Horse (FIH) and a Fellow of the Association of British Riding Schools.

In 1975, as Chair of the Exams Sub-Committee, Mrs Sivewright introduced the BHS Horse Knowledge and Riding (HK&R) Stage Exams and the BHS Intermediate Teaching Exam into the BHS examination structure.  She was also instrumental in developing the use of anatomy and physiology into the training of horses and wrote two widely acclaimed books in the Thinking Riding series, as well as Lessons on the Lunge for Horse and Rider.

Mrs Sivewright was a List 1 dressage judge and an international judge for show hacks and Arabs.  She also held official authorisation to run courses for judges, riders and horses at national and international standard and enjoyed sharing her knowledge and expertise through a variety of lectures and demonstrations.

Lynn Petersen, Chief Executive of The British Horse Society said: “Molly has left a beautiful legacy for all of us.  She will be missed by her family and friends and The British Horse Society.  Most of all, she will be remembered forever.”