Jeanette Brakewell Training Day 

We were blessed with lovely sunshine when we headed to Boomerang for our cross country training with Janette Brakewell. It was bitterly cold, but, at least no rain and the going was ‘good to firm’. The schooling area is regularly harrowed and you really couldn’t complain about the going although it was a little frosty to start !! Russ (owner) drove the tractor through the 2 water jumps to break up the ice so there really was no stopping us !! At Boomerang there is a huge variety of fences all in close proximity so ideal for teaching. What with a banana, pencil, cake, slice of cheese, piano mushroom boomerang (of course) as well as all the normal fences – corners, skinnies, trakeners, steps, water, sunken roads there really is something for everyone !!

There were 4 of us in the group – Catherine, Kylie Roddy, Ann Peate and myself and all the horses were really keen (other than mine who is laid back to say the least ! ). I have to say, I was feeling a little apprehensive as it dawned on me that I haven’t been xc schooling since last October and, to top it all, I was dosed up with painkillers following a bout of flu, but Jeanette was great. She has a very relaxed attitude and was really good at making minor adjustments to our riding and picking out things for us to work on sending us on little courses and talking to us after each round and then sending us again. It was nice not to have too many orders thrown at us – I know my brain can only take so much in (something I must remember when teaching). We jumped plenty of fences and finished with the water. Amazing how well you keep your heels down and lower leg secure when there’s ice floating on the surface!!

You could really see improvements in all the horses and riders. It was such a shame that not more members took up Catherine’s offer of the training as it really was a great morning and we all definitely learnt a lot from Jeanette. Thank you Catherine for organising such a brilliant morning.

written by Nicole Biggs
April 2nd  at Boomerang Park