Have you considered taking the Fellowship exam?

The Fellowship exam will be taking place on 21 and 22 February 2017, at Warwickshire College.

The BHS Fellowship is the highest recognised professional standard across the equine industry and is internationally recognised.

Taking place across two days, candidates will be assessed on coaching skills, practical demonstrations, theoretical knowledge, stable management and the history of equitation.

Fewer than 80 people hold the FBHS qualification, which is recognised as the highest equestrian qualification in the world.

If you are a BHSI and think you have the skills, knowledge and passion to become a BHS Fellow then forward a CV, cover letter and fee of £286 to the Education Department by 30 September. CVs can be emailed to Jenny Wall, jenny.wall@bhs.org.uk.   If your CV is accepted you will be invited to apply for the exam.  If you do not feel ready to apply this time, your CV may be held on file for up to 5 years.

Danny Anholt FBHS 

“To hold the BHS Fellowship is the ultimate acknowledgement of a lifetime dedicated to the training of horses and riders.  It is a great honour and acknowledgement of which I am immensely proud, yet humbled by the responsibility and commitment it demands.

To have passed the exam just before it was bestowed on the legendary Carl Hester brought a stark revelation of the level of expertise and talent embraced within this elite group of professionals.”

Jo Winfield FBHS

“I personally believe that you can never stop learning and after several years gap from achieving my BHS Instructors I wanted to continue to expand my knowledge and skills in the broadest environment.  The Fellowship was the perfect qualification for me to grow and develop as a person and a trainer.  It has opened up so many opportunities for me that I never thought possible.”

Judith Murphy FBHS

“When I started my BHS examinations, I didn’t know what the Fellowship was. However, over the years it seemed unachievable and only the few passed.  But it really isn’t like that, if you want it, it is there for everyone.  The Fellows need ordinary, practical people to take this qualification forward.  Good luck to those who apply!”

Jeremy Michaels FBHS

“Ever since I started working with horses and began taking BHS qualifications, my focus and ambition was to pass the Fellowship exam.  Yes, the road can be long and there is the odd pot-hole along the way, but when you reach the end, the journey was definitely well worth taking.”

Jillie Rogers BHSI

“Unfortunately this much desired qualification passed me by, as at the time I was “not in the right place”. However, I have the greatest admiration for those who have attempted the examination and even more for those who have achieved it.”

Di Roberts BHSI

“The Fellowship qualification is what I can aspire to.  I am on a journey and working towards it. Although it is a long and windy road, I am enjoying the journey!”

Ann Bostock BHSI

“My involvement over the years has been as the organiser of the horses and pupils for various FBHS exams.  It has given me great pleasure to see the progress not only of this qualification but of those successful colleagues.  One should not forget others who have taken that huge step onto the Fellowship ladder and may not had the best of days, these are still the mainstay of the Fellows & Instructors Association.”

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