Flatwork Report from the Wellington training day with coach Jude Murphy FBHS

Jude showed her stamina with a full days teaching at Wellington Riding on 10/3/15.  There was a real variety of types of horses at various stages in training and Jude showed her wealth of experience and versatility in coaching us all through exercises and work that produced results.  It is always interesting to watch and listen to someone you respect and pick up on their eye for detail and ways in which they work.  All horse and rider combinations showed improvements in their overall way of going.

Work on improving the feel and movement in canter with the analogy of imagining you are sitting on an egg and it is rolling along may sound odd but was effective in improving the canter!  An emphasis on incorporating the inside leg in half pass ensured that the movement became stronger with a more secure bend and travel.  It is very easy for that leg to just hang off rather than on during half pass I find.. The exercise turning down the centre line with leg yield towards the track then changing the bend and aids to half pass was particularly effective on one of my boys; creating an improved bend, rhythm and correctness in form.  Flying changes also improved with a much more active presentation and follow through.  The following week my horse scored 68.82% in a Medium his highest mark at that level to date..thanks Jude! ☺

Often difficult, as a trainer, to coach new riders that are established in their work and routine.  But, fresh eyes can be so effective in picking up on areas that need development or rerouting.  This Jude did so well with her calm and approachable style, listening to each rider and then encouraging positive results through a clear and developed eye.

Thank you David for such a well organised day and for providing stabling that ensured we could be there all day.

Report by Lucy Gavrilovic

Event date 10th March 2015