Having been asked to write the report upon the training I decided rather than report upon my view alone, a more accurate picture would be provided for those unable to attend, if I asked willing participants to summarise their view upon how their experience had benefited them. Responses such as …..

“Great to have fresh solutions to problems and to be able to ride in an encouraging and supportive atmosphere”

“Lovely to see progression between horses and riders between this and the last session with Judy”

“Both trainers were able to identify the same training problems being encountered – great to practice differentiating the aids and variations within the gait to benefit both flat and jump”

“Encouraged me to ride through problems encountered so developing more challenge to me and my horse”….clearly support how successful the sessions were.

The schedule over the two days allowed opportunity for observers to view Judy helping a wide range of levels of horse and rider combinations from Novice through to P St G and 4*. Questions from observers were welcomed and with regards to their horse’s confidence levels, riders were encouraged to be quicker to accurately read signals from the horses more. Riders were encouraged to tackle movements in a positive and rewarding manner through riding forward into a still contact and to make better use of the arena through forward planning and in some cases, making better use of repetition of particular movements in addressing how to deal with horses that are inclined to anticipate.

In light of Judy having spent two whole days responding to observer questions and coaching riders whom all have partaken in the BHS exams system at varying stages throughout their careers, I thought it was worth asking Judy ….’Are there any common themes that you have identified across the two days’….to all fellow riders be warned!…….whilst Judy is well aware of the busy working lives we all lead…..we all need to be working on what we know we probably should……..rider core fitness, stability in positions and improved discipline with planning and preparation in our riding!

I am sure those that were able to attend would agree with me that the two days were very informative and enjoyable and would join me in thanking Judy very much for her time – I for one will be heading to the swimming pool on a more frequent basis!!!

By Oonagh Meyer
11th & 12th January 2012.