Inaugural Home International Dressage Training Show – February 2021

With the new online life we have all embraced we are offering our F&I Members the opportunity to train, practice a test and be judged online throughout February. Using an online platform our members will be able to take part in an online dressage training show from their home or yard. There will be three classes to choose from with tests ranging from Prelim up to GP as a training class and a score board for a little bit of fun, to which all members will have access to look at the scores.

Class 1 – Prelim to Elementary judged by Jennie Loriston-Clarke

Class 2 – Medium to Advanced judged by Judy Harvey

Class 3 – PSG to GP judged by Peter Storr

Entry Fee £22 per class

Members will have the month of February to film tests and upload onto Dressage Anywhere and all F&I members will have a link to watch the scoreboard. If riders wish, we can then post the videos on our Facebook page for people to watch. Once it’s been judged, each test will appear on the scoreboard and the rider will be sent a score sheet via email with extensive comments, again these could be shared if people wish. The classes will be private and not available to the wider public on the official website so it’s meant to feel like many of our wonderful F&I days where we can create a comfortable environment with our peers.

 “For riders wishing to compete they can create an account – go to and click to Register at the top of the page. Simply pick your own tests from BD/FEI, then they can be filmed on a smartphone or tablet and when on WiFi can be uploaded direct to the website for judging.”  More helpful details and info about process on main DA website.

When entering please indicate which home nation you will be competing for and your country flag will appear on the score board. The score board is really intended to be a bit of fun and allow us all to share our experiences and have some common goals to work towards during this next month. Once the competition is complete, we may then also arrange some online judge /coach /rider test training sessions when we can look back at some of the tests via zoom from the judges’ perspective.

The Organiser for this will be David Sheerin and he can be contacted on or 07866 514 305

The event is finished.


Feb 25 - 28 2021


David Sheerin
07866 514 305