Equine Forum Report

Sarah Macdonald and I were fortunate to attend the 26th National Equine forum on 8th March. 

The Equine Forum hosts short talks from industry experts, on current and up to date subjects. This year the whole conference was Live streamed, and if you visit You Tube, “Equine Forum 2018” the whole day can be viewed.

Topics covered included talk from Stewart Everett on, CED- Central Equine database, and how the data from the Passport Issuing Organisations should be co-ordinated with the CED.

Caroline Spellman, the All Party Group MP for the horse, chaired a panel of experts on topics which included, Employment Initiatives for staff and staff retention, plus Health and Safety. Nick Rust, spoke on Equine Welfare in British Horseracing. BHS Alan Hiscox, gave a brilliant talk on the Road safety campaign “Dead or Dead Slow”.Michio Clark, spoke on Helmet Design and research, dealing with rotational impact. Sue Dyson spoke on the research and findings on rider to horse body weight ratios, and how it impacts on gait and behaviour. There were no surprises here, but now there is scientific confirmation on the subject, as opposed to anecdotal assumptions. Jim Green spoke on “animal Rescue” and the training for Firefighters, and partnerships with the veterinary profession for first response in emergencies.

Topical slots covered “Rural Crime” from Chief Constable Dave Jones, and “Heavy Horses” Use us or Loose us, from Nigel Oakley, from the Rare Breeds Survival Trust.

An informative and interesting day

Report from Mandy Luesley