Do you have your FBHS or full BHSI?

For those of you who are Full Instructors of the BHS i.e. you have your FBHS or full BHSI qualification we would like to draw to your attention that you are eligible to join the Association of Fellows and Instructors of the BHS.

The Association, or “F&I” as it is commonly known, is designed by FBHSs and BHSIs, like yourself, to fulfil a need for further training and development, and to be a vehicle through which we can all keep up with current events and future developments in our senior coaching world.

Chaired by the redoubtable Jillie Rogers BHSI, and with a strong and diverse committee of Fs and I s to assist her, membership is currently around 200.   We put on training days, visits, course walks, study days of all types, from top level discipline coaching, to yard management, to the latest training and veterinary techniques.   Events take place across the UK and Ireland, and they will enable you, one of our most qualified coaches, to gain access to top names, interesting locations, wise advice and an enjoyable exchange of ideas with peers.  And we run our own much-sought-after 2 day Annual Course in January each year.

The group knows how to have fun too – the recent post-AGM dinner and evening entertainment, with attendance limited to F&I members only, was widely acclaimed as a very enjoyable evening for all!   We even have a carefully maintained closed-group Facebook page which is proving handy for those who use it.

All FBHSs and BHSIs are welcome, wherever you are based.   The subscription is astonishing value at only £20 a year.  And if you’ve just passed your BHSI the first year is free!  Check out the website – – or get in touch directly with Treasurer / Membership officer Judith Murphy FBHS on 07710 759901.  We look forward to welcoming you at our events this year.