Danny Pevsner FBHS

The British Horse Society is sad to announce the death of Daniel (Danny) Pevsner FBHS, who has passed away in Israel aged 73.

Having suffered from cancer for the last few months, Danny had returned to his native Israel to be with his daughter.

He will be acutely missed and remembered across the globe for his great skill and knowledge, which was developed as a Fellow of the BHS and as a former pupil of The Spanish Riding School of Vienna.

William Micklem offered these words in memory of Danny: “For the last forty-five years I have been privileged to have had an occasional but regular conversation with Danny about equestrian matters.

“Ironically his huge depth of knowledge, intelligence and seriousness was probably a barrier to many and often removed him from the mainstream training conversation.

“But he was an incisive, precise thinker and a man who cared deeply about both doing things well and doing things humanely.

“Sometimes treasure slips through our collective hands… but I always travel with these words from him:

“‘A well-schooled horse: The horse’s head rotates forward and up at a point just behind the ears, while the lower jaw softens.  Its neck, too, stretches forward and up, into a slight arch, as the back lengthens and widens. The horse’s limb action appears to originate in its back, which indeed is the centre of motion. Breathing is regular, and the back is smoothly pulsating all the time, imparting grace and elasticity to the movement. The expression on the face of the horse is that of great contentment.’”