Chairman’s Newsletter – January 2013

Dear Member,

Once again we were privileged to enjoy two fantastic days at Addington Manor, whether as riders or spectators. The facilities were voted as top class and we will be returning there next year. However, the committee is still open to using different venues in the future if the membership decides to action this.

The trainers, Stephen Clarke and Yogi Briesner were a joy to listen to and watch and, as usual, it was difficult to decide where to place one’s self. Reports on both Trainers are being written by two of the riding participants, and we’ve managed to book Stephen and Yogi for next years Convention so diary date 8th & 9th January 2014 right now.

At the AGM we heard that some of the events organised by members were either poorly supported or cancelled through lack of support. This is a great shame as those people who work to put on training days/seminars/lectures soon become disheartened. To this effect there is enclosed a provisional programme so you will be able to diary date those events which most interest you, and where applicable encourage others to attend. These dates will also go onto the web page and the F&I Facebook page. Not only are there clinics and seminars being planned but for those social butterflies Ladies Day at Hickstead, Ladies Day at The Royal Dublin Horse Show (for which we have a limited number of guest badges) and the BBQ with Breeding/Youngstock evening with Mandy Luesley are also on the agenda.

In these days of social media, the F&I Association has taken another leap forward and thanks to the efforts made by Sam Champney-Warrener we have a Facebook page. This is only available to F&I members, Sam is monitoring it and only allowing fully paid up members to join. This will be helpful for advertising your own clinics, student training etc etc so PLEASE do use it. Photos much appreciated, maybe not what you’ve just prepared for dinner!!!

With regards to membership fees, our treasurer Judith Murphy is taking a stronger line! Up until now members who had not paid their yearly fee were still receiving information via email. This has now stopped. If you hear from anyone who feels they have missed out on information please ask them to contact Jude on If you know of any possible new members please ask them to contact Jude as above. Please check your D.D is for £20.00 as fees increased over two years ago

So, get those diaries out and fill them up with F&I days, keep your eye on the web site for further information on each event and check out the Facebook page for more information. I look forward to seeing many of you at Badminton on 3rd May.

Good Luck for a successful and profitable 2013.

Yours sincerely,

Jillie Rogers
Chairman F&I Association