Looking back on 2011

As previously mentioned, the Association has had a busy year with training opportunities and events which included a visit to Carl Hester’s yard to watch the training of his horses from novice to grand prix, a day training with Judy Harvey at her yard near Addington, Ladies Day at Hickstead, a charity course walk at Badminton Horse Trials not to mention other events organised by members for members – please do look at the Website for further details of write-ups and reports.

Forthcoming events:

Addington 2 Day Annual Course and Training Conference: Jan 11th and 12th 2012 Kenneth Clawson and Judy Harvey. Please see the attached booking form. For further details contact Ann Bostock at ann.bostock1@btopenworld.com Tel: 01908 551611/ 07889 648478

Introduce a new member to the Association

As mentioned by Jo, we would like to encourage more BHSI’s to become members of the association or encourage previous members to renew their membership subscription. The more members we have will ensure we are heard as an association and also help subsidise the cost of training for members keeping costs to a minimum.

Subscriptions 2012

Please keep an eye on the website where subscription rates and a membership form can be downloaded. Where possible, can members ensure their direct debit mandates are up to date.

Confirmation of email

Please let us know if you have changed your email address so that we can keep up to date and ensure that you always receive any information we send by email.

Autumn Newsletter – September 2011

A message from our Chairman, Jo Winfield.

Hello Everyone,

I hope that you have all been bearing up with the delights of the English Summer as the year is starting to draw to a close. It has been a busy year for most if the training reports and discussions with people have been anything to go by, but as we know you always ask a busy person to get something done and its seems that many of you have had a full and interesting year.

The training reports suggest that the events that we put on are as popular as ever, but some of these are largely due to the drive of one or two members being pro-active leading up to the event. I know it can be tricky to clear the diary and it sometimes seems to be a luxury day out when we have a busy yard and work schedule but the rewards for ourselves and the motivation that a fresh outlook can bring is inspiring – and we get a chance to meet up with friends and catch up on other events!

Please remember my comments at Addington last year that we, the F & I association want to meet the needs of the members as much as possible but we can only do so if the training days are affordable in both the time and the commitment that it takes to run them, we need your support as much as possible. I also asked if you were able to introduce / coherence or bribe (I’m not too fussy on the method), another BHS Instructor into the Association, if our group is to grow and provide training across the UK we can only do this with enough members and support. On that note please find the Addington two – day course booking form attached or enclosed with this Newsletter, I hope that we can see many of you over the two days (weather of course permitting), and hopefully some new faces too.

My phone and email are always available and I welcome any comments from any members on how we can take our Association forward into the next year.

My best Wishes for the Autumn,


Spring Newsletter – February 2011

Hello and Welcome to 2011

I am pleased to be writing this newsletter as the newly elected Chair for the F & I Association and hope that I can do the position some justice after stepping into William Blane’s shoes. William has worked tirelessly for over seven years as Chairman and I would like to take this opportunity to thank him and all the committee members for their support.

I am relieved to inherit many of the established committee members to help guide and lead the F & I Association into the next few years. We are sadly losing Alison Craig who is retiring from a ten year term as secretary, but are welcoming Di Roberts as our new secretary and committee member.

I hope the Association can continue to grow and expand. If every member can check that they are fully paid up (and ideally by direct debit @£20), plus recruit a friend then we can become a strong and cohesive association. We can then provide a variety of training days which can be delivered across the whole of the UK to meet all of our members’ needs.

In addressing the currently trying times that we as trainers / coaches / instructors are facing in this financial climate I wish to consider the image and professional reputation that being a Fellow or Instructor represents. One of our training days will be aimed at considering our own commercial viability and management. I hope this can support a professional strategy for personal growth, respect and support that the kudos that being a BHS Fellow or Instructor represents within the BHS but also within the Equine Industry as a whole.

Please feel free to contact myself or any committee member with any queries or suggestions as to how we can take this year and subsequent years forward.

Jo Winfield