Aston le Walls XC training clinic with Jeanette Brakewell

Clear blue skies and sunshine greeted us at Aston le Walls [Tuesday, 23 February 2016] for our xc sessions with Jeanette Brakewell. Four riders with 7 horses took advantage of Jeanette’s wealth of knowledge and experience which she was able to impart easily, always working on the basics with horses staying straight and to both reins. All the horse improved with the all weather arena at Aston giving them the confidence to keep progressing. One young horse had never been xc before and with Jeanette showing her the way by jumping the ditch herself, within minutes the little mare knew exactly  what to do. No big deal and no big battles.. So with a complete baby through to an intermediate horse there were enough fences and questions to keep everyone busy.

Jeanette made corrections to rider’s positions to help them stay secure but supple enough to allow the horses to do the work. Discussions were had to continue to develop the work at home relevant to the individual horses. The riders were a credit to our Association being focused and able to adapt their lines of approach when the arena became a little busy with some not quite so educated people were having a hooley!!!

Thank you to Catherine Shine for organizing the day.

Report by Ann Bostock