Spring Newsletter

SPRING HAS SPRUNG!!  The grass is looking greener, the clocks have changed, garden centres are in full swing telling us to plant the tubs and hanging baskets, and our horses/ponies are busy slipping their coats.

Members of The Fellows & Instructors Association who knew Margot Tiffany have been stunned and shocked by the sad news of her sudden death.  Her funeral took place on Monday 20th April.

Welcome to three new members: William Micklem FBHS, Co. Wicklow, Lucy Gavrilovic, Oxfordshire and Sarah Drewett, Buckinghamshire.

The Fellows & Instructors Association has also been in full swing since the very stimulating Annual Course in January.  I don’t think the organiser, Ann Bostock, could have fitted another session in with either Coach, AND Jennie Loriston-Clarke and Nick Turner have agreed to return next year.  So, diary date that now, 6th& 7th January 2016.  You will all have read the reports, however, suffice to say that Jennie ensured every rider thought and rode forward, and whilst watching Nick from the café with Jennie’s voice coming across via the microphone system Nick appeared to be saying exactly the same thing to the jump jockeys – fantastic.

The evening dinner saw everyone in their ‘glad rags’.  The meal was really good, Tim Downes FBHS gave us some of his brilliantly witty odes, whilst Eric Smiley FBHS was presented with the Pat Smallwood trophy, which had earlier in the day been reunited with its sculptor Jo Knowles FBHS.  Jo named her beautiful sculpture ‘Wistful’ after a mare she had at the time she sculpted it, so ‘Wistful’ she will be.

Next on the calendar was 26th January – aday at Talland with Pammy Hutton FBHS.  Reading those reports the attendees were kept warm by listening to Pammy’s pearls of wisdom as some very smart horses were worked and discussed.

The National Equine Forum in London in early March always offers the Association two tickets.  Our representatives this year were Ann Bostock and Margie Craib, and a full report gave us an insight into the always-topical day.

10th March at Wellington was organised by David Sherrin BHSI,where Judith Murphy FBHS and Captain Richard Waygood kept everyone on their toes with a variety of work from flat and jump lessons, lungeing practice over fences, and a lecture demo on free schooling/jumping. The photos and videos on Facebook made me very green as I couldn’t be there…

A very different experience was arranged by Pippa Hatton BHSI at Moulton College on 31st March.  Attendees looked at the importance of understanding how and why the horse needs to be fit for purpose as well as ways to achieve this with modern techniques.  Again some good photos on the F&I Facebook page.


My thanks go to all those very good and enthusiastic members who organise these days for the rest of us to attend.

HOWEVER, PLEASE PLEASE can those asked to do a report on the day do it as quickly as possible.  Also, Facebook is a brilliant tool BUT not every member uses it.  So, I take a look and see what a brilliant day has been put on by ….. at ……. with great pictures of happy smiling horses & people, but this has not gone forward to our web page or to our secretary Di Roberts.  Sally Newcomb runs the web page, and she will put up adverts for the events, and she will then put up the reports, and would like pictures. Sally is on sallynewcomb@me.com– go and look at the www.fandiassociation.org.uk web page as it’s had a face lift and is our main advertising space and shop window to the public.

Di Roberts is on dianneroberts@live.co.uk– she will forward your report on to all the membership.  Di is such a gem, she also sends snail mail to a few of our more mature members who don’t use the internet.


Other things have been on the agenda since the Annual Course.  Alison Craig and I have taken it upon ourselves to catch up with some of our “golden” Fellows, for an occasional series in British Horse Magazine.  We visited Helen Webber and Sister Chiara and had great fun listening to them reminiscing about past students and their own horses.  Wealso sent Jo Knowles our questionnaire and received a very full reply.  We’ve a number of others listed for visiting but if anyone can suggest a Fellow who “needs” a visit from the two of us then please give me a shout.

Our F&I page in British Horse Magazine continues to be available and is in the capable hands of Jo Winfield.  I asked for help earlier this year and have over a year’s worth of response, and so the next issues will have articles written by members that will show to the public the Association’s diversity and wealth of knowledge across many subjects.



April 8th an evening presentation by William Micklem FBHS at Ballylanigan House by kind invitation of our IrishRepresentative Faith Ponsonby: CROSS COUNTRY MATTERS.The reporthas now been posted.

April 28th PUNCHESTOWN Races please contact Faith on kilcooly@indigo.ie

August  6th Royal Dublin Horse Show Ladies Day, contact Jillie on jillierogers001@gmail.com. Once again tickets for the day have been sponsored by a client of mine for F&I members, and these will include entry to the Stewards and Judges box for the morning to watch all the Young Event Horse classes. Names ASAP.


Erik Mackechnie has taken on the role of Scottish Representative, Erik is on erikmac@aol.com

May 11th Patrick Print will facilitate a day watching advanced flatwork riders. Contact Erik as above for further details.

The Longine FEI Europeans September 10th-13th at Blair Castle sees a Course Walk with Yogi Breisner on the Friday and Russel Guire will discuss biomechanics and research development in the equine world on the Thursday afternoon, in the BHS tent.


8th May Badminton Horse Trials Course Walk with Nick Turner FBHS, Irish Team Trainer, contact Ann Bostock on 07889648478

18th MayTraining Day with Judy Harvey FBHS, Riding and Spectating day, contact Ann as above.

1st August Hickstead Ladies Day, details will be available very soon through Karin Irvin,  Lynn Petersen’s PA.  “Posh Frock” day!

4th September Burghley Horse Trials Course Walk, contact Ann as above.

Further Dates to be confirmed: Carl Hester Morning – spectate only

Emile Faurie Morning – spectate only


2016 is our 30th Anniversary Year so thinking caps on to make this a year for celebration.  There are already plans afoot to jazz up the Annual Dinner and organise a trip abroad, so ‘Come one and all, let’s celebrate’!

Jillie Rogers, Chairman.