Annual F and I Course, Addington 2013

We were very privileged this year having an opportunity to receive some training from Stephen Clarke FBHS. The course was well supported and there were horses from Novice to Grand Prix, so we all got the opportunity to see Stephen’s philosophy of training horses at all levels. For all riders and spectators Stephen provided great training. He worked well with all riders and horses and there was great improvement shown especially on the second day.
I spent most of the 2 days watching these sessions and I took away certain key words from Stephen’s training “reaction, elasticity, gear changes and no limits”. These words seemed to be key to Stephens’s training philosophy.Stephen wanted reaction to the leg from all of the horses at whatever level, especially in their basic way of going as well as in all of the lateral work. This then helped to develop the horse’s paces. He seemed to be very much of the opinion that all of the above could be achieved in any horse which is trained correctly. All riders should embark on their journey with their aim being Grand Prix.
It was a very inspiring 2 days and I believe all riders and spectators are very grateful to Stephen for his time and vast experience.
By Becky Monk BHSI