A letter from Mrs Jo Knowles FBHS

Today I received a beautifully handwritten letter from Mrs Jo Knowles FBHS, she presented her sculpture of Wistful (the Pat Smallwood Award to Eric Smiley at the Annual Course) and I felt I should share some of her words with everyone.  There was an unveiling of the new Plaque which shows all the Fellows of the British Horse Society on January 30th 2015, so here I quote:

“The Fellows meeting & Jan 30th unveiling of the plaque at the BHS headquarters was very impressive.  I had no idea that I was only the 6th person to get it!  I had my BHSI and couldn’t get any information about what was expected in the FBHS so thought the best thing was to go ahead & do it to find out how much more I needed to know, so I was not in the least nervous & thoroughly enjoyed it all and to my amazement I passed in November 1954.

Thank you for a lovely day on January 7th

That was when Jo joined us at Addington Equestrian Centre and it was the first time she had seen her sculpture since she had crafted it for presentation to Malcolm Brown BHSI in 1989.

What a lovely Lady.

Jillie Rogers 6th February 2015